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Q: What are your safety protocols?

A.                                    Safety is our number one priority at CampOUT

 - CampOUT is partners with a queer owned private security team. Hiring on concealed armed security guard during the week of camp.  

 - We only disclose the exact camp location to the campers' families and staff who have registered once camp gets closer. The reasoning behind the location not being disclosed to the general public is for their protection. We also rent from a private facility so trespassers are not tolerated. There is a video of our camp location on our website. As you can see it is a large facility and even if there were protesters they would not be seen or heard on the outskirts of the camp.

- All counselors will also be required to attend training before camp. All staff must complete a background level 2 check and fingerprints within 60 days of camp.

-- Bag checks during Camper check in day. 

- CampOUT has zero tolerance for discrimination and bullying.

-CampOUT Florida has the expectations for all staff and campers to treat everyone in the camp community with respect at all times.

-All cabins chaperoned cabins by staff members


Q: Do you have food accommodations?

​A: Yes, the main meals are provided by the camp we are renting through. It is within our agreement that accommodations will be met per request to the best of their abilities. Snacks & treats will also have vegan & gluten free options.

Q: What does the cabin arrangements look like?

​A: Our cabins are open gender separated by their birthdays. That being said, in all the cabins we may have cis, trasngender, and non-binary campers, chaperoned by our trained staff. All cabins have separate showers and bathroom stalls for privacy. 

Q: Is there any discounts?

A. We have limited scholarship opportunities. Completing the sponsorship application does not guarantee a spot in camp.Only one scholarship per household/family will be granted. Incomplete scholarships will not be considered.

Cedar scholarship is a nominated camper scholarship.

See scholarship page for further details

Q: How many campers to staff ratio?

A: There is a max capacity of 110 campers and 56 staff members positions  

Q: Can my child bring a cell phone?

A: CampOUT Florida has always focused on being a traditional, wholesome, outdoor camp program. Camp is a place for children to interact socially and explore their surroundings. Camp is not a place for cell phones.

Campers may not bring electronic devices to camp except for lights, watches, and cameras that do not connect to a cellular or bluetooth network, will not require charging during the session (no outlets available), and do not have any apps, games, or messaging capabilities. Simple activity tracking devices are permitted.

Please see handbook for further details pertaining electronics 

Q: Do I or my child have to be LGBTQ+

A: Nope! All members of the LGBTQ+ community and/or allies are welcomed to join camp. However, unacceptable parent or child behavior, including actively undermining any camp policy, and/or disrespectful behavior towards any member of the community (determined at the discretion of the camp BOD), may result in non-renewal or termination of the Camper’s enrollment. This is to ensure that camp maintains a safe environment for all participants.

Q: Tell me about your medical staff
and medicine policies


Medical staff: In order to provide our campers with adequate medical staff, we have a wide array of staff who are trained in medication administration at camp. All will be overseen by a nurse. All medical staff have a minimum of certification in medication administrations and Basic Life Support to aid our campers. 


Medication: All medications must be received in the original container with current prescription label including name, dosage, frequency of administration, physician’s name, and expiration date of medication (the expiration date on the pharmacy label. Over-the-counter medications must be in the original, unopened container. The instructions on the container will be followed, as intended by the prescriber. If a different dose or frequency is required, please have your doctor complete a signed note prior to camp of the intended medication administration (dose, frequency). We will need the original copy of the letter. Medications will be administered at each mealtime (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and at bedtime. If your child has medications that require specific timing, food with administration, or refrigeration, this information must be explicitly provided to the nurses during check in and in the medication portion of registration. Please provide any extra supplies at check in (ie: snacks for bedtime administration). We are unable to accommodate making separate meals for differentiating medication administration times.

Q: What is your COVID policy?

CampOUT is committed to protecting all members from potential outbreaks and will make decisions with the safety of individuals first. All participants are asked to not attend camp or events if they are feeling any symptoms of COVID19 that is unordinary for them.

-All volunteers, campers and staff members, are required to be tested on campus and provide a negative COVID test upon arrival. Please bring your own at home test (that is not expired) or purchase one during enrollment. Failure to provide a negative covid test may result in inability to participate in camp.

-Campers are highly encouraged to socially distance prior to camp. In the result of a positive COVID tests during camp intake. Campers will not be able to participate in camp and the family is responsible for taking the camper home. No refunds will be provided for positive COVID test during intake.

-Masks and social distancing are highly suggested for all during initial intake upon arrival of camp. Campers may choose to wear a mask during the duration of camp but is not required. The board of CampOUT Florida Corporation reserves the right to mandate masks during camp at any time.

Q: Can you elaborate on your piercing policy?

A: it is our recommendation that there are no piercings for safety concerns or lose of jewellery. We will not ask or force any one to remove their piecings. Nor will we exclude individuals from participating in camp or any specific activity. We can not be held accountable if individuals decide otherwise.

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