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Scholarship application


Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:


1. Reflective Essay:

   Candidates are required to compose a thought-provoking essay of up to one page in length. The essay should elucidate the profound significance of CampOUT in their personal journey. Through this essay, applicants are encouraged to articulate their unique perspectives on why CampOUT holds a place of importance in their lives.


2. Volunteer Commitment:

   Aspiring scholars are expected to demonstrate their commitment to the LGBTQ+ community by engaging in community service. This entails fulfilling a requirement of ten volunteer hours. These hours can be acquired through active involvement with any LGBTQ+ organization or charity of choice. Alternatively, candidates can participate in two CampOUT fundraising events, allocating their efforts as five hours of service and attending at least one event.


   For those who may not have direct access to LGBTQ+ organizations or events, an alternative avenue for service is provided. This involves contributing by means of environmental stewardship, such as collecting litter from local neighborhoods or parks. Candidates are kindly asked to record the time and date of their cleanup activities, validated by a signature from a guardian.

3. Recency of Service:

   To ensure the scholarship candidates' current engagement, volunteer hours must have been accumulated within the twelve months prior to the application deadline.


4. Application Deadline:

   To be eligible for scholarship consideration, candidates are required to finalize their essay and volunteer hours prior to the submission deadline of March 1, 2024.


5. Comprehensive Submissions:

   In order to be considered for the scholarship opportunity, applicants are requested to duly complete the application form. This includes both the aforementioned essay and documentation of volunteer hours.


6. Submission Deadline:

   To be eligible for scholarship consideration, candidates are required to finalize their essay and volunteer hours prior to the submission deadline.


7. Communication of Results:

   Please note that the scholarship selection process is competitive, and not all applications are guaranteed a scholarship. Each application will undergo a meticulous review by the Board of Directors and will be evaluated according to a standardized grading rubric. Furthermore, the availability of scholarships is contingent upon the number of donations received. The acceptance or denial of scholarships will be communicated to applicants by April 1, 2024. We encourage all potential recipients to approach this opportunity with a genuine commitment to self-expression, community service, and personal growth. Your participation not only enriches your own journey but also contributes to the nurturing and empowerment of the LGBTQ+ community at large.

CLOSED for 2024 session 

Cedar Scholarship

The Cedar Scholarship has been established to honor the memory of our beloved camp counselor who made a lasting impact on our camp community. This scholarship serves as a tribute to their vibrant camp spirit, outstanding community involvement, and unwavering kind, caring, and generous personality.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Cedar Scholarship, candidates must meet the following criteria:

Camper age 10-17

Camp Spirit: Nominees should display an exceptional level of camp spirit that goes above and beyond, embodying the energy, enthusiasm, and dedication that our camp counselor exemplified.

Community Involvement: Nominees must have actively participated in community service or other forms of meaningful engagement that contribute positively to the well-being of their community.

Kindness: Nominees should have a proven track record demonstrating caring, kindness and generosity that reflect the counselor's spirit of selflessness and compassion.

Nomination Source: This is a nominated scholarship that only one camper will receive. Nominations must be made by educators, coaches, mentors, or individuals who can attest to the nominee's character and achievements. Nominators should provide specific examples that highlight the nominee's alignment with the scholarship criteria.

Exclusion of Family Members: Nominations by immediate family members or legal guardians of the nominee will not be accepted to ensure an unbiased and objective selection process.

Application Process:

  • Nominators should complete the official nomination form, detailing the nominee's accomplishments and qualities that align with the scholarship criteria.

  • The form should include specific examples of the nominee's over-the-top camp spirit, community involvement, and caring personality.

  • Nominators are encouraged to provide any additional context or insights that can help the selection committee understand the nominee's character and contributions.

Selection Process:

  • The BOD will review and evaluate the nominations.

  • Nominations will be scored based on the clarity and depth of information provided, as well as the nominee's alignment with the scholarship criteria.

  • The scholarship recipient will be selected based on the highest cumulative score as determined by the selection committee.

Announcement and Recognition:

Deadline for nominations is March 1st, 2024. The chosen scholarship recipient will be announced April 1st, 2024 via email and published to our social media account. This scholarship serves as an opportunity to celebrate the recipient's achievements and highlight Cedar’s lasting legacy.

We invite you to join us in commemorating Cedar’'s spirit by recognizing and supporting individuals who continue to make a positive impact in our community.

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